Welcome to Hereford City Council

The Right Worshipful the Mayor of Hereford, Councillor Phil Edwards. 632nd Mayor of the City of Hereford.


This is the heritage site of the parish council that represents the seven wards of the City of Hereford.

Here you will find the history of how Hereford City Council has progressed from a Corporation to a District Council and, finally, to its present state of a parish council.

There are also historical items on the Insignia, Plate and Mayoralty of this Royal & Ancient City. You can find information about the current Mayor of Hereford in ‘Mayor of Today‘ section.

Under the heading ‘Contact‘ you will find a list of the current councillors and their contact details, as well as information about Council’s staff.

Under the section ‘In The community‘  you will find information about Council’s business and responsibilities.

Current information is available, including Agendas and Minutes of the City Council’s meetings (go to ‘Committees‘ section).

There is also lots of information about the events in the City.

We also provide a platform for local Community Groups and Associations who are invited to contribute to our website content providing information about their neighbourhood and locality.