The Mayor of Hereford welcomes Tourettes Awareness Challenge

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The Mayor of Hereford welcomes Tourettes Awareness Challenge


Four North East mothers of children & adults with Tourettes Syndrome took to the road on Monday 30 September to raise awareness about the condition that can be so misunderstood.

Setting off from home territory in Newcastle upon Tyne they travelled to 52 English Cities in 11 days, making it to Hereford on Sunday 6 October when they met the Mayor, Cllr Phil Edwards, at Aylestone Park.

Averaging 5 cities a day the determined women met with the Mayor to hand over an information pack about Tourettes Syndrome and its associated health problems.

Mayor Cllr Edwards said, “It was a delight to meet with these tenacious women before they moved on to Worcester for their final stop that day. Their enthusiasm for their cause was tangible and talking to these Mums and the information they gave me opened my eyes to something I knew very little about. I was grateful to have the opportunity to meet with them and wish them well in their quest.”

The mums had raised all the money for the campaign themselves with help from families and friends and with a car and fuel sponsored by Nissan. Mum Liz said, “Our main aim is to raise awareness and understanding about the condition where sufferers are often mocked, abused or simply not included. If we are able to collect donations along the way that is a bonus as they will allow our campaign to continue.”

Their road trip ended on Thursday 10 October in Carlisle, 2,200 miles from the start.

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