The Mayor of Today

Councillor Sharon Michael was elected the 636th Mayor of Hereford

for the Municipal Year 2017 – 2018.

Mayor Installation May 2017-em- (209)

Deputy Mayor Sue Boulter (Left), Mayor Sharon Michael (Right) 

Cllr Sharon Michael was born at Wellington Hospital in the county of Salop in 1964, but was brought up and lived in Hereford since she was 4 weeks old.

She attended Trinity Primary School and Whitecross High School. Her first job after leaving school was at Sun Valley, and she stayed there until expecting her eldest daughter, Kelly. When her second child Gemma was born, she worked around the children and began working evenings at Sainsbury’s. When Gemma started Scudamore School, she became involved in helping, which led first to a lunchtime supervision job, and then as a teaching assistant, and also as an after school play leader. She continued in these jobs until her divorce, and then encouraged and helped her daughters grow. She decided to leave Sainsbury’s and go to University in the evenings to gain a degree in teaching support. She stayed at Lord Scudamore for 26 years and has only recently changed careers to a post woman, which she is enjoying immensely.

She became interested in politics when forming a residents groups where she lives, and then decided to stand for council. She became a city and county councillor in 2011, and found it very rewarding to help her community and trying to enhance amenities in the ward.

Since 2013 she has been involved with St Nicholas Residents Association, and is also the current Chairman. She loves Herefordshire and finds it a great honour to represent Hereford City in the forthcoming municipal year, and will endeavour to promote our beautiful city at every opportunity.

The Charities she has chosen to support and raise awareness for:- National Autism Society (Herefordshire Branch), and the Blood Bikes (Severn Freewheelers).

Funded by Hereford City Council