634th Mayor – Cllr Charles Nicholls

Councillor Charles Nicholls was elected the 634th Mayor of Hereford for the Municipal Year 2015 – 2016

Councillor Charles Nicholls the 634th Mayor of the City of Hereford, 2015 - 2016

Councillor Charles Nicholls became Hereford’s 634th Mayor.  In a traditional ceremony Councillor Chris Chappell proposed Councillor Nicholls, saying he had found him to be a hard working and committed Councillor, working to deliver what was best for the City.  After being elected by members to the position of Mayor, Councillor Nicholls said “As a child with no idea of his future I could not have imagined I would one day receive this great honour of being made Mayor. Thank you”.

Councillor Nicholls named his charities for this year’s Mayor’s appeal as Alzheimer’s Society which supports people living with dementia and the Riding for the Disabled which provides therapy, achievement and enjoyment to people with a variety of mental and physical disabilities.