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Welcome to the City of Hereford Twinning Association

The City of Hereford Twinning Association (HTA) was constituted in 1987 with the aim of promoting international friendship, understanding and the of fostering mutual exchanges at all levels between the peoples of the twinned towns. Each year the Mayor of Hereford is invited to be President of the Association.

Hereford has been twinned with Dillenburg in Germany since 1989 and with Vierzon in France since 1994.

Over the years the Twinning Association has maintained lively and interesting exchange visits with many groups and individuals in Dillenburg and in Vierzon. These formal and informal contacts have contributed to a mutual understanding of each other’s cultures. Visitors from partner towns are always accommodated in families and over the years close friendships have developed.

In addition, the Association has provided, often ‘behind the scenes’, encouragement and support to groups in Hereford who were keen to establish links with similar groups in their partner towns.

In summer and winter each year the Association publishes a newsletter for its members with reports of exchanges, events and visits between our twin towns.

After much lobbying by the Twinning Association, Hereford acquired its own Twinning signs — paid for by Hereford City Council — on the main approach roads into Hereford.

The Twinning Association holds a variety of social events for its members throughout the year and organises regular exchange visits with Hereford’s twin towns.

This year’s exchange visits with our partner towns will take place in May and in September:

  • Our friends from Dillenburg will be visiting Hereford from Thursday, 5th May to Sunday, 8th May 2016. The programme for their visit is currently in preparation. Offers of accommodation in host families are welcome.
  • From 1st to 5th September 2016 members from the Hereford Association will be visiting Vierzon.

For further information please contact the Secretary:


March 2016