A report of the visit to Vierzon by the Mayor Charles Nicholls, accompanied by Jenny Tawn, Mayoress and Cllr. Len Tawn 

4th to 7th September 2015


Mayoral Activities 2015 354 Vierzon

It was truly a very full three days of wonderful hospitality and open friendship.  Our hosts in Vierzon were so welcoming and ready to respond to any of our needs in a most generous  spirit. The Mayor Nicholas Sansu is a great character, so full of life, so passionate about his role and is obviously hugely respected in the community. His enthusiasm for the twinning concept is reflected by all of the folk concerned, they are all so generous with their feelings and their response to all the delegates that were there.

Vierzon have I believe thirteen towns who share the concept with them. I have come to appreciate much more from my visit, and especially from conversations with Nicholas, just how necessary it is to continue, indeed to expand this fraternity of friendship and community among our neighbours in Europe . I have come to understand just how vital these exchanges are to our future wellbeing across the continent and how much they can benefit everyone who are willing to cooperate.