Vierzon’s History

Vierzon's History

Vierzon’s history dates back to before Roman times. During the wars with the English it was captured by Richard the Lionheart in 1196. In 1370 the English were driven out and Vierzon was returned to the French crown. However, its main development started with the building of the first ironworks in 1779, to which were later added potteries and smelting industries.   The famous Porcelaine de Limouges originated in this area.

Historic buildings such as the remnants of the medieval walls and the ancient Parish Church of Notre Dame still testify to its history. The castle, like that of Hereford, has disappeared.


 Vierzon’s Monument to Pacifism


Mayoral Activities 2015 339 Vierzon monumemt to pacifism

Councillor Charles Nicholls during his Mayoral year has been especially moved when he visited the   “Memorials Pacifists : Vierzon“ 

This is a memorial dedicated not so much to the fallen in WW1 but to the casualties of that war, and France was the theatre of war where so many millions died needlessly in absolute horror,  a seismic shift in civilisation occurred, where in Britain especially, a whole generation was wiped out and the whole concept of family was disrupted. 



We have no such “memorial to Pacifism“,  in Britain but often quote the words found upon this memorial: “For your tomorrows we gave our today, “First quoted over 3000 years before by the ancient Greek poet  Simmonides, from whom John Maxwell Edmonds paraphrased 

this immortal line. I feel this sums up the whole concept of our twinning experience and the philosophy which underpins it. That we should never again submit to such totalitarian conflict, and ensure by mutual friendship and co-operation that by endearing ourselves to each other this will be prevented.  It is recorded that over sixty million souls died as a result of the two world wars. What an utter waste. If we open our hearts we commit our minds to benefitiary appreciation of each other, and to a secure and peaceful world. 


Monument In Vierzon to Pacifism